2003 BMW 318i • 79,200 miles

Warning lights for the following appear on the dashboard:
Red Battery light,
Yellow Automatic Stability Control + Traction ASC+T/Dynamic Stability Control DSC &
Yellow (NOT RED) Handbrake Light,
Orange Automatic Transmission Light

What I don't understand is I've just had the inlet manifold removed, the crankshaft sensor & breather hoses replaced, a new alternator fitted & belt tension pulleys replaced 2 WEEKS AGO. And now I have this problem, for which I've been told by the BMW mechanic, that I need to purchase new software for the computer. This car is driving me crazy with these problems, never mind the expense, that even the mechanic isn't sure about, but is trying to eliminate what may be faulty codes which have been reset to no avail.
November 29, 2012.

Check the charging system, low voltage is possibly the issue

Dr. Hagerty
Dec 3, 2012.