2003 Audi 100 • 45,000 miles

Audi a4 1.8t multitronic hi there, I just brought a second hand engine but there is still no oil pressure going to the engine. Could you plz help me on that?
Aso dada
September 23, 2011.

When a motor has sat without oil in or very little oil. The oil pump empties and is very hard to get primed again.
There are some tools that you can attach to a drill to prime the pump. However, it is just as easy to remove all the spark plugs and crank the engine over until it has pressure.
I had one V-8 motor take several minutes of cranking to get the oil pressure to build up.
Try it out and see if it works. The big thing is cranking it over much longer than you think you need to. It takes some time.

Thanks very much for getting back so quick. The mechanic started the engine for over 5 mins at several times but still there is no oil perssure building up. Just don't want to leave it on for long incase the engine stop working again. Do you think could it be an issue with the engine?

Aso dada
Sep 25, 2011.
There are a few things that could keep oil pressure from building up; If the pan has even a smal dent, it may block the oil from getting into the pickup and not build pressure.
If the oil pump is bad.
If the motor has a lot of deposits from not being maintained, it could have an oil curcuit blockage, such as bad bearing.
If the head gasket is bad, that can make starting up intitial pressure hard as the cooling system is pumping pressure into either the cylinders or the oil system while the oil system is fighting to start its own pressure. The cooling system does not have to overcome an empty circuit. It has imediate pressure from the pump.
The fact that the oil has to first fill the pump and do this with the vacuum of a metal to meatl seal that is not very tight makes building pressure in a new or motor with an empty mump hard.
The best advice I can give you at this point is to remove the oil pan and prime the oil pump by hand. Put the pickup in a pan of clean oil and turn the pump drive with a screwdriver or what ever works. Soon the oil will come out the top of the pump as you can tilt it and move it around to get oil in it. Some oil will drain back out. By the way use an OEM filter to make sure you have an anti-drainback valve in the oil filter. However, the oil in the pump will make a seal between the metal case and metal impeller of the pump and pri ming will be easier. It is when a pump is new or has sat so long, or other reasons, that it is pretty much dry and the seal to create suction cannot be made until some oil gets in it.
I hope this helps you out. Worst case scenario, I would empty a quart or 2 and take the valve cover off, dump oil in top end across the engine to get as much oil everywhere you can, then start it.
It is either got a problem or it does not. Engies start with a short metal to metal contact every time. The high RPM of the engine will get the pump going as it will create suction faster than a starter motor.
Take care.