2002 Volvo S80 • 6 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 98,000 miles

Would you supply me with a diagram of how to remove the center console?

Recently, I am experiencing problems with my gear shift refusing to release from the park position. The first time I experienced this problem, about a week ago, we were able to get the shifter to release after rocking the car back and forth. I have not had another problem until this morning. Unfortunately, I was the only one and had to leave the car there so I am unsure if the same approach would rectify the situation again, if only temporarily.

I park on flat surfaces 98% of the time, the climate is slight cool to warm (lower south of central USA) and I can feel the switch in the gear shift move when the brake is depressed. I also have not experience an issue with the key becoming stuck or inhibited within the ignition. I did not check the brake lights though will do so when I get home and have access to the vehicle.

After reading the other related posts on this site, I feel pretty confident that my issue revolves around that wire located on the driver's side of the center console. I believe it indeed to be the culprit of my troubles since I left the sun roof open for about 36 or so hours during a storm and following within 24 hours of that, my husband spilling an entire soda (very large fast food drive thru size) directly over the center console/ gear shift. I experienced my first trouble with the stuck gear shift within 1-3 days following those events.

I did receive a code this morning stating something about the immobilizer - see manual, but this code never came up again after I turned the ignition off. I look this up in the manual and it stated that it could be the result of a problem with the key no longer working properly and that I would need to obtain a replacement so that some sensor in the ignition would recognize the code imbedded within the key thereby 'allowing the car to start properly'. I think I only received this code because I was jiggling the key back and forth and in and out of the ignition. Like I said, immediately after turning the car off and back on again, the code was gone and never showed up again.

All of this being said, let me say that I am NOT a mechanic nor do I know much at all about repairing and/or servicing an automobile. I leave that up to my husband! Therefore, please let me know if you think this may be related to some other issue with the car.I welcome any and all advice!

Thanks in advance,
April 6, 2011.

The car has a shift interlock to make sure the brake is pressed before it will shift so the first thing to check is the brake lights. I will look for some diagrams and get back to you

Apr 6, 2011.
Hi there Margaret, I would agree with you about that cable been the problem. If you do hear the solenoid clicking while pressing on the brake pedal then the solenoid is OK. Have your husband remove the side panel from the center console towards the driver side. Move the seat all the way back and he will see the release tab. With a flat tip screw driver twist it counter clock wise to release and then slide the panel towards the back a little and it should come off. You will now have a view of the shift interlock cable. Insert the key in the ignition and turn the key to position 2. Your husband should see the cable move freely and be able to move it out of park. Turn the key to the off position and he should see it go back again. Do that several times and you so he gets an idea of how this cable works. What happens when there is spillage, especially a large cup of soda or coffee, the cable begins to bind up and does not move freely. Have him spray some WD-40 on the cable and sliding track. And have him try to clean up what he can. Turn the key to position 2 and off several times to get the cable moving back and forth so that the penetrating oil gets in there and starts to break apart all the sticky stuff. Let us now how it all works out.

Apr 6, 2011.
Removing the center console
Remove the side panels
Fig. 112: Soundproofing Panel
Turn the screw 1/4 of a turn.
Fold out the panel by the screw. Pull the panel backward (arrow) until it releases.
Remove the gear selector lever boot and the connector
Fig. 113: Grasping Boot And Lifting It Straight Up To Remove Panel
Grasp the boot and lift it straight up to remove the panel.
Remove the ashtray at the rear of the center console.
Remove the ashtray holder (press the two catches).
Remove the holder. Remove and separate the connector from the holder.
Separate the panel and top panel
Fig. 114: Removing Panel From Top Panel On Gear Selector Lever Boot
Press in the four catches. Remove the panel from the top panel on the gear selector
lever boot.
Remove the panel (1) over the parking brake lever
Fig. 115: Pressing In Catch With Screwdriver
Open the cover for the center console locker.
Press in the catch with a screwdriver.
Lift the panel upwards / forwards.
Pull up front edge of the bracket
Fig. 116: Installing CD Rack In Center Console Locker
Install the CD rack in the center console locker.
Remove the four screws for the bracket. Pull its front edge out of its mountings.
Preparations for removing the center console
Move the gear selector lever forward.
Apply the parking brake. Release the adjustment as necessary. See Release the
handbrake adjuster.
Remove the center console
Fig. 117: Pushing Center Console Forward Past Lever For Parking Brake
Pull out the rear edge of the center console.
Carefully push it forward past the lever for the parking brake.
Lift out the bracket.
NOTE: Wind masking tape around the parking brake handle to
protect it when the center console is removed.

Apr 6, 2011.
I got home and checked and the brake lights do come on when the brake pedal is pressed. I decided while I was there, what the heck, I'd give it another try. The gear shift moved right out of park with hesitation. Grrr! : )

I decided that I would still go ahead and check to see if that cable was sticking. My husband had to work late, however, I found the instuctions simple enough to follow and tried my hand at it. Once I found the right cable I began turning the key from 0 to II and didn't really notice much restriction. Though as stated in my earlier post, I'm not a mechanic and wouldn't trust MY judgement on whether or not the cable is moving as freely as it should. I did notice a lot of gummy brown 'frozen in time' drips on the underside of the cable and what it connects to (surrounded by some spring-wires). And I do mean clumps of it. I cleaned it the best I could and removed all clumps and most of the sticky smears - couldn't get to them well from that angle. I reinserted the key and moved it from 0 to II about 10-15 times while watching it and it actually did seem to glide now rather than just move. Also, and this could just be my imagination, but turning the key in the ignition seemed to 'glide' rather than just turn. If that makes any sense.

I'll give it a bit and see. If the problem re-occurs, then I'll remove the entire center console and give it a really good cleaning because I'm sure there are probably sticky clumps everywhere inside there!

I really want to thank you guys for providing all of this information and making it so easy to follow! Truly awesome sight and Tech-experts! Thanks again!

Apr 7, 2011.
Sorry.I meant to say in that first paragraph that, "The gear shift moved right out of park WITHOUT hesitation."

Apr 7, 2011.
Well I do believe you have actually found the problem and took care of it. And it is good to hear that we could actually make the instructions as easy as we can for you to understand : ))
You actually just made my day as well.

Apr 7, 2011.
I have a 2000 s80 and a little bite of soda spilled on the shifter and the next day the samething has been happening to me and have been suffering with it for two weeks, but if I let it warm up in the car it would free up. But after reading these messages I was able to fix it for real in 15 mins ! You guys are AWSOME ! Especially when I had appointment at volvo to drop it off tommorow. THANKS GUYS YOU ROCK !

Dec 26, 2011.
Good to hear that this post was able to assist you. Hope we can assist you again in the future.

Dec 26, 2011.