2002 Volkswagen Passat • 110,852 miles

BUT IT ACT WEIRD ONLY IN AUTO MODE. Down shifts in Tiptronic mode are normal and it upshifts on command. It does this everytime we drive it. Here are the facts:
2002 V6, FWD, Auto w/tiptronic mode
110k miles
approximate shift numbers
up shift
1st-2nd ~20Mph
2nd-3rd ~40Mph
3rd-4th ~65Mph
4th-5th ~92Mph

down shift(the ones I can remember)
5th-4th ~62
4th-3rd ~40-45ish (all number are approx anyway)
I cant remember the rest of the way down.
Thanks in advance guys for any wisdom on the subject!
February 24, 2012.

Yeah, flush it. Brown is bad.

Nov 20, 2012.
I took the car to VW for a flush and they do not do flushes. They said flushed have a tendancy to be followed by more problems or failure altogether. I did find out that the transmission fluid was actually fine. The tech was kind enough to bring me to the back and compare my fluid with fluid from a brand new sealed bottle. The fluid that VW makes to put into these trannys is brown brand new. I described the problem to him and he believes that it is a solenoid in the valve body that is getting weak. He explained that it could be worn out to the point where it doesn't respond to the electronic pulses sent for regular shifting but that the pulses for tip mode are longer so it still responds to them. Made sense to me, reminded me of having to adjust pulses on an aftermarket keyless entry system to trigger factory locks. He said replacing it is a job that anyone who know his way around a car could do but I am unable to find such solenoid. Would you have any insight about this solenoid or where I could find it? Thanks!

Dec 12, 2012.
No. I wouldn't not off the top of my head, and I'm unable to access our online reference material at the moment,

However, the valve body is easily reached by draining the trans and then pulling the pan. But he is correct. A worn solenoid can cause what you're experiencing.

If the fluid smells like something that's been overcooked, it has.

Dec 12, 2012.
Hi, would there be any way to find out what the solenoid is that I would need? I know you were unable to look it up last time but I just wanted to ask. Also, I can't find the flippin donate more to this question button. How do I do that?

Jan 17, 2013.
I just looked through our reference materials for about an hour and couldn't find any mention of the solenoid. It's an electronically controlled that is usually located under (above) the valve body in the transmissions I've worked on. It might be somewhere near where the input speed sensor is.

I'll let the admin know you're looking for a "donate again" button. Thank you.

Jan 17, 2013.
We appreciate you considering us for another donation. We should have a donate again button installed soon.

2CarPros Mike
Jan 17, 2013.
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