2002 Volkswagen Golf • 116,000 miles

My golf 1.9tdi radiater filler bottle emptys only when doing
motorway driveing. Round town fine? Hope you can help.
November 11, 2012.

You'll have to check for a leak (external or internal through engine). VW Coolant usually leaves a stain (dry pink powder) that you can spot and
follow back to its source.

Don't forget to check the inside of the vehicle (front carpets) to rule out a leaky heater core under the dash.

If you are 100% sure there are no external leaks, have the head gasket checked at a VW Shop. Coolant in the exhaust usually shows-up as white smoke
or steam. But with colder climates now, white steam (condensation) can be considered normal, especially when first starting the engine.

Common leaks on TDi engines: - water pump (coolant dripping from behind crankshaft pulley)
- thermostat flange or r-ring seal from pipe that mounts to the side of the same flange
- radiator
- plastic coolant flanges at heater core fittings (at the firewall)
- reservoir cap not holding pressure
- heater core inside the vehicle

Take a close look around to see if you spot anything, once you do, post a picture here.


Nov 11, 2012.