2002 Vauxhall Zafira • 61,000 miles

My 52plate 2litre diesel Zafira stall on me when I was driving and when I restarted it two warning lights remained on the dash and the rev were hunting and it went in to limp home mode with no rev counter working. But when I restarted the engine when it had cool down everything seems to be fine even the rev counter works and the engine revving fine. Someone has told me this could be a crankshaft sensor problem the car has just had a oil change and service so any advice would be welcome. Thanks john
John aspinall
May 21, 2012.

Best to start with a scan to see what codes are set, post the codes here for further assistance, if it has triggered limp mode there will be a stored fault in the system.

May 21, 2012.