2002 Toyota Corolla • 110,000 miles

For the past couple years the brakes haven't been stellar. Recently my front pads were grinding so I replaced them. When going to reassemble the front left, I noticed a hole in the piston dust boot. So I got a repair kit and replaced it as best I could (looked fine to me) and put the caliper back on. I decided I wanted to flush the system so I did, and all but the front left bleed clean and air free. The front left will look good for a couple seconds then gulp, out comes a big bubble.

Now like I said for a while now my brakes have taken too much work to stop the car, at least when I compare it to other cars. And it feels about the same as it used to, so it doesn't seem like I just messed it up.

February 5, 2013.

If I were you just replace the caliper assy then check if the brake hose is collasped internally-

Feb 5, 2013.