2002 Toyota Corolla • 177 miles

I just bought a used car with 177K miles on it-I had driven the car for over 200 miles to check out completely-the CEL never came on after repeated key starts/cycles. I then cleaned the throttle body with CRC throttle Body Cln, it was very dirty-I had taken off the intake air hose to gain access to the throttle body-I reset the light by removing the neg. Battery cable for 5 mins. And drove the car another 75 miles with no CEL-now my daughter called me and stated the CEL is on but car runs fine and very smooth-I will get the code later today-but in your professional opinion does this seem like anything to worry about-the car goes in to a mechanic tomorrow-is it possible that the CEL just needs a complete reset?
June 16, 2013.

No not with the miles on it

Jun 17, 2013.