2002 Saturn SC1 • 96,000 miles

Hello the cooling fan in my 2002 saturn sl1 1.3 liter only kicks on when the air cond. Is turned on. The fuse in box under dash is not blown of course, and I replaced the coolant temp. Sensor and it still does not kick on as it as should when car warms up. Also the 30 amp fuse at box under hood is not blown! Could it be the small square plug marked cooling fan on at top that
looks to to be a relay should I replace that? I am some what of a mechanic. Or can I check I t with ohm meterwhat do you think I just havent had any more $ to spend on it. I just put radiator and water pump in it not to long and should of taken care of this prob. Then but thought replacing the cts. Would do it but now since weather has cooled and not using ac. As much I see I still have prob. And I just cant afford to take to shop for diagnosis. I would be most gratefull for any in put on this matter thank you very much.
December 2, 2012.

Its a 1.9L engine in that car and asked the same question earlier which you never responded. There is only one relay that turns the fan on with the ac on or at 222 degrees so the fuse relay circuit etc is good if it comes on with the ac. The fan doesnt come on till the temp gauge reads over half way on the temp gauge. So how high does the temp gauge read with the fan not coming on?Please post your reply on this question.

Dec 2, 2012.
Hello its ajdtny,

I'm sorry for not responding sooner. I just logged back on. Thank you for your response. It's been sumer time like weather so I've been running the AC almost all the time and have not given the car a chance to get over the half way point on heat gauge since I've done the work to the car. As I thought, the fan should have kicked on sooner, and I probably didn't get the car hot enough to do so.

Thanks so much again for responding to my problem!


Dec 3, 2012.
Your welcome let it idle without the ac on and let me know when the fan comes on.

Dec 3, 2012.