L 100

2002 Saturn L100

Horn and interior trunk release not working. Figure it's a fuse and found the 10 amp fuse for the horn, but could not get it out. Not sure about a fuse for the trunk release? How do we know if it is a fuse issue or not
May 17, 2011.

Pull fuse out with needle nose pliers also check fuse BCM/Cluster

May 17, 2011.
Just to add to this one you can check the fuse without pulling it take a test light and see if you have power on both sides of the fuse with the key in the run position. Also those cars had a problem with water getting up inside the horn's shorting them out. The new horn's that you replace them with have a baffle on them to help keep the water out. Also check the bcm/cluster fuse in the underhood fuse box its a 15amp fuse.

May 18, 2011.