2002 SAAB 9-5 • 53,000 miles

Hi, I have saab 95 model 2002, vector V6 3.0L gasoline engine. I experience a slam in the gear when I change into Reverse, and when I put 'D' it slams a bit and you notice delay in engaging. And looks like it goes in 3rd gear. So I have to put in 'L' to get first gear them shit between gears. It would also slam when shift out to L to 2. So looks like have an issue with the 1st gear. Took it to the deal. They mentioned I am getting error code P0748 and P0780. And need Gear box Valve body changed. Found it quiet strange that at such a low mileage 83000 KM I get this problem. Anyone experienced this before? Do I really need to change the whole Valve body. And I am being quoted $ 2000 for it.

February 15, 2012.

Could be the governor pressure control solenoid -have this solenoid checked/tested

Feb 15, 2012.