2002 Pontiac Grand Am • 189,000 miles

I am having problems with my cars cooling system. It seems that my low coolant light is on, yet I filled my coolant reservoir jug up. It seems that when I shut my car off all the fluid in the jug is "puking" out of the overflow hose. I have recently experienced the problem of my car running hot at a temp of 215, except when I am driving the majority of the time it will go down and stay steady at 200 but when I stop it goes up to 215. And today it got that high (215) then dropped slowly to about 150 which I know is extremely too low to be possible. Also not sure it would help any or not but when I shut the car off or even when it is running it smells like coolant so badly! Does anyone have any suggestions which may help me or any idea what could be going on! I am desperate!
November 27, 2012.

It sounds lioke the thermostat is bad and you may have a bad radiator cap. You may also have some air in the system.
When you go to fill it up; Let it cool off and remove the radiator capand then run engine with the heat setting on the climate controls all the way hot
Let it reach operating temperature and then top off raiator and reserviour tank
replace cap and take for a test drive.
If the thermostat, radiator cap and bleeding air from system do not sole the problem, get a coolant system pressure test done to make sure your system does not have a leak.

Thank you I will try that. I recently replaced the radiator, the resevoir tank, the cap, upper radiator hose. I dont understand why the coolant keeps rushing out when I shut the vehicle off

Nov 27, 2012.
You might have a bad head gasket. So get the coolant system pressure test done.

Okay I will have to do that then. If it is bad this will be the 3rd head gasket ive had replaced in 2 years.

Nov 28, 2012.
It is possible you have a crack in the cooling jacket. Or, maybe the head is warped. If you get it replaced again make sure they check the decking and check the head for warpage.