2002 Pontiac Grand Am • 193,470 miles

Hello, the problem I am having is my car which is 3.4l engine revs high and low at cold start, otherwise after its warmed up it will not do that. The only time it does this is in when I first start the car up like for instance in the mornings. Can"t seem to figure out what the problem could be. There is no check engine light on, I checked for vacuum leaks and there is none at all, fuel pressure is good, Cleaned and checked sensors, all are in check. My last solution that comes to mind is the throttle body or either the cable. I do have a spare throttle body im going to swap them out and see what the out come is but if anyone has any solutions let me know. Thanks in advance
September 12, 2013.

Clean throttle plate on both sides and iac hole with choke cleaner first try that

Sep 12, 2013.