2002 Mitsubishi Pajero • 180,000 miles

My v6 petrol has been running great we went 4wd on the weekend through a lot of sand dunes heavy going real soft sand. Low range 2nd gear all good we stopped and had lunch for an hour. Started off again drove onto the beach never went near the water and it stalled in gear it restarted ok but I had to keep revs above 1000 rpm to keep it from stalling drove back out of the dunes but had to brake with left foot to keep revs up all the way home
Checked at home for lose wiring underneath and in engine bay all looked ok
What could my problem be
Bob Conyard
October 22, 2012.

Check for trouble codes and vacuum leaks. If idling speed is too low, the IAC (ISC) and throttle body could do with some cleaning.

Oct 22, 2012.