2.5L HOT!

2002 Mazda Millenia • 6 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 106,000 miles

2002 Mazda Millenia 2.5L V6 - Replaced a suspected defective coolant temp. Sensor because of repeated overheating. But turning key to on position with same temp. Sensor disconnected runs ONLY the AC condenser fan, not the radiator cooling fan! Unable to locate the radiator cooling fan relay! Where is it? Apparently NOT with other similar relays under the large cover that also covers the fuse & ckt. Breaker box! Can anyone provide a pictorial or marked photograph of the exact cooling fan relay location in the car? Thank you, in advance!
June 16, 2011.

Don't have pic but on left front fender panel near box

Jun 16, 2011.