2002 Lincoln Town Car • 79,900 miles

2002 Lincoln Town Car. 79,000 miles Next oil change says due 97,000 miles. Oil always maintained, and kept full. Oil light came on first time ever 4 days ago and now staying on, engine light has never come on. Car now sounds like a more like a tractor than a car. Tires Plus Mechanic says need new engine. Oil not getting to engine. Called Lincoln - no help. Call dealership says cost $3,000 to tear apart the engine to see what's wrong. I am baffled. Any suggestions? No more Lincolns for me.
Phylliscrosby@tampabay. Rr. Com
Phyllis crosby
January 27, 2011.

Check the oil pressure with a mechanical gauge, could mean oil pump and engine bearing.

Jan 27, 2011.