2002 Jeep Laredo • 72,900 miles

I hv replaced ALL of the following; ecm, throttle body sensor, therm, valve cover & my Jgc still stalls after 10 mins of driving or 15 of idling! Ecu is going into limp mode and I can hear it clicking while driving. Then it stalls with no start unless I reset the ecm or it cools down. I also replaced the battery. I has a high throttle sometimes eratic. Can u tell me if I need a camshaft pos sensor or ckp and what the difference? The mechanic says that the only code that it reads is P-code of ecm and evap leak. I hv replaced the gas cap 2×. I need an HONEST diagnosis. Also he replaced my ignition switch. Is he just CHEATING a woman

December 1, 2012.

Wow. Lots of parts and no results.

Lets start at the beginning. Did anyone do a fuel pressure test?

Basics first since we are here and not there