2002 Jaguar X-Type • 6 cylinder AWD Automatic • 131,625 miles

I have a 2002 jaguar x-type 3.0L. And the car has seems like every code in the book, 14 codes total(po171, po174, po300, po301, po302, po303, po304, po305, po306, po420, po430, and p1313,1314,1316 which I cant find. I replaced spark plugs, coils, vavle cover gasket, fuel filter and all four oxygen sensors and earsed codes, now drove car and lean codes would come back, earsed it car sat over night outside and it was in the sinlge digits, I nstarted the car in the morning and car barly runs and all them codes came back on
January 20, 2011.

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