2002 Infiniti G20 • 98,381 miles

2002 Infiniti G20 - 98381 miles
The car won`t start when the engine is warm.
I changed the oxygen Sensor, spark plugs and I`ve checked the car oil and it`s fine.
After I`ve been driving around for a while and stops the car (engine warm), and if I try to start the car after 1 min it won`t start. (In order to get it starts, I have to start the car with press a little gas paddle).
So therefore I ask you guys, what do you think causes the engine not to start when it`s warm? It`s very annoying.
When the engine is cold, it starts up right the way.
Thanks ahead for answering my question.
December 31, 2012.

Is the Malfunction Indicator Light showing?
What is the idling speed at operating temperature?

Jan 1, 2013.
The Malfunction indicator light is not showing.
The idling speed is 800k to 1000k RPM at 55 degree temperature.
It starts fine while cold but when warmed up after a restart the idle drops so low (from 1000k RPM to 0 RPM) the car dies.
If I try to restart after stopping somewhere. Giving it some gas when starting takes care of things, but something is clearly wrong. It looks like it is trying to idle at lower RPM with a warm engine vs. A cold engine. Any suggestions on a fix?

Jan 3, 2013.
The engine is system is programmed to increase the idling speed when the coolant temperature is low. As it heats up, the idling speed would decrease until it is arounf 750 rpm.

I asked for the idling speed at operating temperature, meaning when the engine is hot. At least you have described the situation clearly and from these I would say the problem is with the idle control system.

While idling, a fixed amount of air is allowed into the intake manifold via the throttle plate and IAC (AACV as Nissan calls it). When this air passage gets clogged by dirt, the amount of air able to pass through is reduced and this would lower the idling speed either causing stalling or surging as the engine computer tries to compensate for the drop in engine speed.

Cleaning the throttle body and IAC should solve the problem as there are no fault codes indicated by the MIL not showing while engine is running.

Jan 3, 2013.