2002 Hyundai Accent • 4 cylinder 2WD Automatic •

My 2002 Hyundai accent is pulling to the right and the steering wheel is shaking. Had it in to be fixed they replaced the tie rod, had it in again same thing they replaced the tire. It is now doing it again
December 16, 2010.

Does it do it all the time? Also, I can understand both items causing a shake in the steering. However, didn't they check the tires? Finally, I need you to have them check it again to see what they say this time. Make sure they show you the problem so you can describe it to me.

Let me know what you find.

Since my email I took to mechanic and they needed to put a stud in that they broke off the last time it was in. It was ok for two days and then it was rough riding could feel every bump in road. Took it yesterday and they said the back tires were to much air in them ( they put in ) and was ok. NOT. I took it back to them made the tech drive it with me in the car and with in minutes he felt the problem the back tire and front. There diagnosis is that the front tire needs to be replaces belt is starting to split last tire to be replaces. And the tire they put on in october the rim is bent. In two days the rim got bent. From everyday wear. Sounds fishy to me. What do you think

Dec 19, 2010.
A rim needs to take a really hard hit to bend. As far as the tire, belts do seperate. However, when they shift, usually it can be seen, especially when they spin balance the tire. As far as the rim, I agree with you. They don't bend from everyday use.