2002 Hyundai Accent • 4 cylinder FWD Manual • 66,000 miles


RE 2002 Hyundai rear brakes. According to the Post Falls Hyundai dealership, they said that if they remove the drum cover for inspection would have to replace the rear pads. The pads were 50% or better good and they replaced hardware and pads. Supposedly the old pads have been return for core credit and cannot be found. I believe I have been had for $194.00

Thank you for your information. I wanted verification if removing the drum covers would damage the break pads. Apparently what I have read, it can if the mechanic does not know what he is doing. Never happened when I did it years ago.

Great site, when I get some money I will make a donation.

Tony Friendly
Post Falls, Idaho
January 19, 2011.

Hi: The only way removing the drum will damage the shoes is if they are not adjusted down and the drum is forced off.

Thank you for your kind reply. The dealership could not adjust downward. I learned from the first inspector at Les Schwab, 33 years experience, that the pin holding the shoe had fallen out at first inspection. Apparently the pin came loose sometime ago from a defective clip or improper assembly. Subsequently the noticeable vibration and tendency to pull to the right has disappeared. Just hope they did the repair correctly. Now to address a possible clutch problem. Tony Friendly

Feb 14, 2011.
Glad you got it repaired.