2002 Honda Accord • 50,000 miles

Since my car is 11 years old. Do you believe the "timing belt" needs to be changed out?
a. They want to do this for $777.00.
b. Is that a reasonable price?
c. They said some of the "valves" need to be adjusted for $180. Oo

Thank you
November 6, 2012.

It's odd that word hasn't reached you yet. The timing belt has nothing to do with age, it's mileage. Honda used to recommend the belt be replaced every 75,000 miles, and they typically broke at 65,000 miles leaving you with bent valves and a real expensive repair bill. Whoever recommended you have yours changed is looking out for your best interest. The cost seems rather high but I'm more familiar with Chrysler products. I wasn't aware any engine still needed periodic valve adjustments. There were still a few engines that needed that maintenance service up through about 1980.

Nov 7, 2012.