2002 Honda Accord • 4 cylinder FWD Automatic • 174,122 miles

My car overheated on the way to work by the time I got there it started to smoke a bit I know its bad because of that but havent got a clue what it could be. The radiator was cold and the resovior was still full just the engine was heated up.I left the car on for a minute and it idled really rough then low then it stalled. Could it be a blown head gasket? I dont smell anything weird in the exhaust and dont see any smoke.I checked the oil and it wasnt milkey or watery
August 5, 2014.

If your engine over heated for a long period of time most likely the head gasket has failed causing the engine to stall. It depends on where the head gasket has failed, it usually (w/overheating) failed between to adjacent cylinders significantly reducing cylinder compression resulting in engine stall. However, is could be elsewhere.
A basic compression test of all four cylinder should show whether there is a loss in compression relative to the other cylinders.

Ty Anderson
Aug 5, 2014.