2002 Ford F-150 • 6 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 82,000 miles

I need a wire location chart for the circuit box under the hood. I need to troubleshoot my od lockout wiring to find what is blowing fuses and it would save mucho time if I had the location on the circuit box. I am going to find the problem if it kills me. I can do it the easy way with a location chart or I can do it the hard way by splitting all the bundled wires up until I find the short to ground.
Please help me to do it the easy way with the chart for the circuit box wire locations.
January 27, 2011.

Check the O/D button wiring iside the shifter, there is a known fault there. Pull the button out and test the wires as you shift it.

Feb 19, 2011.
Found a link to an earlier post, may or may not help? Let us know.

Feb 19, 2011.