2002 Ford Explorer • V6 Turbo 4WD Automatic • 160,000 miles

Once I turn my front wipers on I cannot get them to turn off. THE back wipers work just fine.
To get them to turn off, I have to time it right and turn my motor off right when my wipers get to their lowest point. Then I have to get out of my car and push both wipers down even further. The car has to sit for an hour at least, up to a couple of days for them to stay off. I have had the car worked on for this problem by a reputable repair shop for hours but they still couldn't figure it out. I can make them go faster or slower, but not turn off.
April 7, 2014.

The Body Control Module controls the wipers so you are going to need a professional level scan tool to be able to diagnose this accurately.

Apr 7, 2014.