2002 Ford Explorer • 40,000 miles

I have a 4x4 sport trac, 53,000km, and recently the engine has started to stall randomly when de-accelerating, one time I was slowing for a bend and I didn't hear the engine stall and power steering fails with no engine, I nearlly ran off the road, what can be causing it.
May 24, 2012.

It sounds like a problem with the fuel pressure.
I would take it to get the trouble codes pulled.
Any Advnaace Auto or Auto Zone will do this for free and you can get a fuel pressure test tool on loan from them too.

If the stalling occurs only when foot is off accelerator pedal, it could be a fault with the idle controls. The idling speed could be too low.

What is the idling speed at operating temperature and deos engine idle erratically, especially when A/C is turned on or off?

May 24, 2012.
Idle is 500rpm with the aircon turned off, when aircon is turned on with engine at idle, idle becomes a little erratic and goes down as low as 200rpm until the aircon controller clicks in and the idle increases to between 700 and 500 rpm.
I cleaned the IAC valve this morning and idle improved, going to test drive now to see if any stall occurs. Will report again later.

May 25, 2012.
Thanks for the previous guidance, I have been for a good test drive around 20 miles, the truck only stalled once when standing still and I shifted into reverse to turn around. Thanks for the tips I think the IAC valve was to blame.
I do have some other issues with the vehicle that I didn't mention before because I didn't consider them dangerous, they all seem to be electrical and annoying that I may have to go to the main dealer to rectify, and "shafted".
1)the internal cab light won't go off after shutting the vehicle down and exiting the cab, I have removed the fuse until I can find the problem.
2) the overdrive switch does not function and the indication light on the dash console does not work.
3) the 4x4 does not engage and the indication light does not show if its on or off.
4) the reversing lights at the back do not come on when reverse is engaged.
All these problems came at the same time and I don't know where to start, can they all be connected? One common relay? One common damaged wire?
Hope you can give me some good pointers where to start solving these issues, as electrical issues stump most people.

May 25, 2012.
Yes, you do have a idle control system and getting the IAC and throttle body cleaned should solve the problem.

As to the internal lights not turning off, possibly one or more of the door switch is not being closed properly or is shorted to ground.

Try unplugging each door switch to confirm. It could be the hood switch if it is linked to the alarm system. Check if any door is out of adjustment and not closing door switches correctly.

If the dome light fuse had been removed, it could be linked to the lights not working.

If the OD switch anfd lights are not working, you could have a faulty Od switch. You need to check its continuity.
Check the fuses. Seems all your problems are linked.

May 25, 2012.