2002 Ford Explorer • 220,000 miles

Disclaimer: Not a car guy at all!

If my explorer has been sitting for over a couple hours, it hasn't been wanting to start right away. Car turns over, have power to everything, etc. It is almost as if it is not getting gas to start engine.

I replaced Fuel pump and starter last year, battery is 100% (2 years old), alternator is showing 100%, oil change is new, etc.

If I do get it to start and then stop somewhere nearby (ie 5-10 min drive) to go shopping, etc = it will work usually 1st time. It is only when it has been sitting for a few hours = not working 1st time.

Usually if it doesn't start, I will turn it off and let it sit for a few mins, then try again (75% success rate).
- I always turn key forward, let the beeping and lights occur until they stop, shut off radio/fan/heater etc to eliminate other draws and then fully try to start the engine.

Any help would be great!
November 13, 2012.