2002 Dodge Neon • 4 cylinder Manual • 70,000 miles

I have a 2002 Dodge Neon with 70,000 miles on it with drum brakes on the back. One day I smelled something burning and I got out and noticed the inside of the tire was red hot and smoking on thedrivers side. I thought maybe I needed new brakes so I changed them. Everything was fine for about 2 weeks of driving it and then it happened again on the way home from work. I don't know what this could be. How do I fix this?
James Whitt
February 22, 2011.

You should have noticed the car wasn't moving freely too if a brake was dragging that badly. Another possible clue is the brake pedal is higher and harder than normal when you press it. If you do find that, suspect a fluid restriction that won't let that brake release. When it locks up again, open the bleeder screw to see if it releases. If it does, look for a metal bracket crimped around the rubber brake hose. Rust builds up inside that crimp and squeezes the hose. Use a large pliers to open that crimp up a little.


Feb 23, 2011.