2002 Dodge Caravan • 6 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 112,000 miles

When the A/C or the Defrost is on, at idling, the ac pump or clutch kicks in for about 30 or so seconds unless I speed up the idle. It does this like clock work as soon as it turns off you can almost time 1 minute exactly before it turns back on. The noice from the ac clutch seems to be getting a little louder. My questions are is it normal for it to kick on this often and then quit when the motor is sped up. I'm pretty positive it is the clutch as the noise only happens when the ac or defrost is on, regular vents or when the unit is completely off it doesn't happen. My second question is can the clutch be replaced or rebuilt without the whole compressor as I have heard this is a 700.00 to 1100.00 dollar repair. If I leave it till it finally just gives out will it hurt anything or will I just lose ac until its fixed. Thanks
October 20, 2012.

Check the ac pressures to see if it is low.

Oct 20, 2012.