2002 Chrysler 300 • 230,000 miles

Previously was stuck on heat, dial turns but wouldn't switch, now stuck on cold and won't switch back to heat. Heater core not heating up. Can't locate flapper.
September 24, 2012.

The actuator for the heat is probably bad and needs replacement. It is located near the firewall on the heater hose.

Actually its a Chrysler voyager, sorry for the misunderstanding. How do I access the actuator and approximately how much does one cost, and where can I purchase one?

Sep 24, 2012.
The actuators are for the doors on the left side of the HVAC assembly. This would be in the center under neath the dashwhere the heater core box is located. You may have to pull some ductwork to see the doors and actuators.
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