2002 Chevrolet Venture • 173,000 miles

I test the power it was good so I just replace the fuel pump but still don't hear the pump running. The van did like to stall hot or cold before and then one day it didn't started I look at it didn't hear the pump then so the van sat for a couple of days and then it just started. We drove it for a couple days then it wouldn't start again. Did all the test thought it was the pump but with new pump still not hearing the pump.I do have a new fuel filter in it that was the first thing I changed when it stalled the first couple of times. Any suggestions you have that I can try please e-mail me back. Thank You Levi
Levi G
December 16, 2011.

Check the fuel pump relay

Dec 16, 2011.
Be sure to check the plug underneath the driver's side sliding door. Look under the van and you should see a couple of plugs going into the body. One is smaller than the other. The smaller one is for the ABS system and the bigger one is for the fuel pump. I had this problem and all I had to do was unplug the fuel pump clean out the connectors and plug it back in. The van started with no problems. I have had problems since then though. The van starts and runs but it hesitates and has trouble idling." Its worth a shot!

Dec 17, 2011.