2002 Chevrolet Suburban • 172,000 miles

On a recent 2 day road trip the car was "gulping for air" occasionally, at different speeds, and got progressively worse. Never had a "Check engine light". Changed the spark ignition wires. No improvement but the catalytic converter was shot. Changed the coils and drove it home and it started "Missing" or "gulping" again. Dealer said it was a loose pack where all the ignition wires come together on the right side of the engine. Ran fine for a couple of days and then started doing the same thing again. Again, no Check Engine light. Found out I had ruined the new catalytic converter and had to get a new one again. Change the ignitors on the right side of the engine (as you are facing the car) and car ran fine for two weeks and then started doing the same thing again. This car should last me at least 250,000 miles. No other problems with this car. Can you help me? Any suggestions?
November 27, 2012.

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