2002 Chevrolet Silverado • 300,000 miles

I am working on our company's truck2002 chevy silverado 3/4ton HD crew cab 6.0litre gas auto 4 wheel disc brakes
My problem is with the brakes and power steering.
the rear brakes will heat up especially in heavy traffic or pulling a trailer the brake pedal it seems like the brakes are slightly appling themsevles.. Also the power steering gets stiff.
I installed a new power steering pump I did the procedure that the chilton's manual recommends to bleed the pump. The old pump had a terribble howl to it. The power steering started to work fine until I hit the brakes then it became hard to steer again and brakes still heat up pads are good all the way around.
this model has the hydraulic accumulator /master cylider not the vaccuum boost so the steering and brakes are linked together? I think the accumulator/mastercylider is bad. Or maybe the ECHU. Her is the picture of the master cylinder/hydro accumulator
November 24, 2012.

Picture never came through but you mean a hydro vac system.

Most likely has failed and the system must be completely flushed of all debris.

This system fluid must be serviced like engine oil. Lack of maintenance causes this condition


Nov 24, 2012.