2001 Toyota Celica • 4 cylinder Manual • 110,000 miles

My son as a 2001 toyota celica gt. Installed a new stereo blew some fuses. Car would not start, replaced fuse got the car started by boosting her, but soon as u take the boosters cables off she stop, the main fuse was blown. Towed her to the garage, now she wont even start with booster cables, the mecanic checked everything said he couldnt find out what was wrong, checked all the wiring was good. He bypass but still no luck, he said it could be the main computer, even though he checked the computer and everything seems fine, the car gots lots of roll when trying to start her. But just wont start, he said the main computer just wont let him in. Shouldnt the car start without the main fuse if u bypass? I also thaught he said its not putting out spark or power to the plugs, what else could cause this problem? Dont want to buy a new computer if its not the problem. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
March 9, 2011.

Try having him check and test the ignition switch

Mar 9, 2011.
Was told by the mecanic, it was checked and it was fine

Mar 9, 2011.
Check the igniter and the coil, common problem on these engines.

Mar 10, 2011.