2001 Toyota Camry • 110,000 miles

I'm on a fairly tight budget and am hoping for some advice on what tires to purchases to get me through the next 70K or so miles on my car. Safety is important, of course, and I live in the Chicago area so get rain & some snow/ice. 3 days of the work week I do highway driving for aprox 80 miles total. What tires and how much & what is a reasonable deal in terms of cost? I understand that there's extra labor expense for the re-balancing. Just wondering about cost of tires.
Many Thanks!
August 18, 2013.

If you want that kind of mileage your going to have to get some michlen tires or something in that caliber. As far as prices your going to have to call around for pricing. Its going to vary for balancing mounting tire price from state to state city to city.I have no way helping you out with pricing.I just call around when I need tires. Auto repairs I have a program to get those prices in your area.

Aug 18, 2013.