2001 Saturn SC1 • 4 cylinder Automatic • 100,000 miles

I have a 2001 Saturn SC1 and for the last month or so it will not start after driving for 10 mins or so. Ive replaced the battery, had the starter tested and replaced the ignition switch. I see other people with the same problem but no one has an answer!
November 17, 2010.

When it doesn't start, is the starter engaging to turn the engine or is nothing happening? If nothing, do the lights, horn. Work?

When I turn the key there are no noises whatsoever telling me its starting or trying to. The radio comes on, all the dash lights come on as they normally would, and all my lights, horn, etc works. It just doesnt start, Ive tried starting it in neutral and that doesnt work.

Nov 20, 2010.
Okay, that is what I needed to know. Have a helper turn the key to the start position while you check for power to the smaller wire on the starter. You should be getting 12+ volts. Let me know what you find.

I am having the exact same problem. There is power to the selinoid when ignition is turned to start. I also jumped from the batttery to the selinoid and still nothing. This problem is only occuring when the car is warmed up, after sitting for a while the car starts normally.

Nov 28, 2010.
If you have power to the solenoid, the starter is most likely bad. Remove it and have it bench tested at a parts store.

Let me know what you find.