2001 Renault Megane • 57,000 miles


I have a problem when gently braking from high speed to decelerate (say 60mph - 40 mph) the steering and brake pedal vibrate/judder.

I have checked the brake disc which is shiny on both sides and pads which have a even wear. No dark spots on either sides of the two pads.

I also metal clinking sound when doing bumps coming from near the top of the suspensions. Can a faulty suspension (bearing or rubber) be the cause of brake judder?

I have changed the rear engine mount (dog bone connector), The top engine mount seems ok (but can see the rubbers start to crack) and cant see the engine left mount.

Could you please advise?

March 14, 2013.

You can't check for warped brake rotors by looking at them. There can be thickness variation of just a few thousandths of an inch that will cause a pulsation. That's the thickness of a sheet of paper. Even if the thickness is perfectly equal all the way around, the disc can be cocked on the hub causing "lateral runout". That will cause it to move the brake caliper left and right which can tug on the steering linkage and steering wheel when braking. Worn or loose steering and suspension parts can aggravate the vibration.

Mar 14, 2013.
Thanks caradiodoc. So which parts should I start to look at, suspension mounts?

Apr 5, 2013.
The rotors have to be measured with a micrometer for thickness variation and a dial indicator for lateral runout. It is easier and faster to just remove them and have them machined. You'll instantly see any slight warpage when the cutting bits skip over a part of the surface during the first cut.

Apr 6, 2013.