2001 Pontiac Sunfire • 182,000 miles

Hi I have a Pontiac sunfire 2001. Recently my engine was getting pretty hot and then it would squeel and smoke came out of the hood so I pulled over to check the coolant and there was a tiny bit in there so I filled it with water, I continued driving because it seemed better and then it did it again so I pulled over to check and there wasn't any water left. I filled it with water and made it home. I checked the water again and it was all there but a brown colour. What's going on with my car?
November 16, 2012.

It may have been a minor repairable leak to start with but driving it that way may have developed into a head gasket problem. First step is to have it pressure tested but DO NOT drive it again until it's repaired, even to the repair shop.

Nov 16, 2012.