2001 Pontiac Sunfire • 221,600 miles

I am having an issue with headlights. I don`t have high beams, low beams or even day time running lights. I have tail lights and I have reverse lights and turn signals but I just don`t have headlights. So far I have changed the Multi Function Relay Switch and the Relay Fuse, I have also changed the wiring harness and both bulbs. I have checked the ground and it is clean and grounding properly. I have also checked the circuit tester to test the circuit and all seems well. But I have also noticed when I turn the head lights on the high beam indicator on the panel comes on. Also then when I start the car and put it into gear I hear 5 clicks then the serves light comes on. I have also noticed that when I try and turn the lights on, I cant feel the normal click from the relay fuse.

I have brought the car to about 4 mechanics and no one seems to be able to figure it out. I am at the end of my wits end. Can some one please help me before I bring the car to a field and use it for target practice.
June 24, 2012.

When you pull the multi function switch to the high beam position, do the lights come on? Have you checked all fuses? Is the headlight switch part of the multi function switch or an independent switch? If independent, check it first.

Yes I have tried to pull on the switch and it makes no difference. It still leaves me with no lights. I have also changed every fuse for the car and still nothing. And yes it is a multi function switch

Jun 25, 2012.