2001 Oldsmobile Aurora • 6 cylinder FWD Automatic • 148,000 miles

I have a 01 oldsmobile aurora and after jumpstarting it my DIC said theft lock fault and now my radio and vents wont work, wt should I do?
December 2, 2010.

The theftlock concern, and the radio/vents should not relate. The fact that they both happened after jump start, or suspect low voltage condition, may have cause some concerns with logic lock. What I would do initially, is remove the battery cables, and touch them together for a minute or so. Touching them together is critical, this discharges everything, think of it as a total system reboot. If the cables can't reach each other, use a jumper wire.

Dec 2, 2010.
If the anti theft is engaged, you need to take it to a dealer. They are the only ones that have the proper test equipment to check it.