2001 Nissan Sentra • 140,000 miles

I am getting error code P1320. Car starts and runs but badly, stalls out under load. I have: checked fuel pump, is at spec, swapped out MAF with a used one, no improvement, replaced the original, removed fuel pump and pumped out fuel (less than 1/4 tank left in) added 1/2 tank of fresh fuel, no improvement, pulled all 4 coils and plugs and did visual inspection, all are ok have looked up the code, indicates an ECM or wiring problem. Can't seem to troubleshoot this issue. Does this car have a timing belt or chain? If it's a belt maybe it needs replacing if it's a chain then it sounds like a new ECM? Any ideas
October 22, 2012.

The ignition signal from the ECM is sent to and amplified by the power transistor. The power transistor turns on and off the ignition coil primary circuit. This on-off operation induces the proper high voltage in the coil secondary circuit.

On Board Diagnosis Logic
Malfunction is detected when the ignition signal in the primary circuit is not sent to ECM during engine cranking or running.

Possible Cause

Harness or connectors (The ignition primary circuit is open or shorted.)
Power transistor unit built into ignition coil
Crankshaft position sensor (POS)
Crankshaft position sensor (POS) circuit
Camshaft position sensor (PHASE)
Camshaft position sensor (PHASE) circuit

DTC Confirmation Procedure

NOTE: If "DTC Confirmation Procedure" has been previously conducted, always turn ignition switch "OFF" and wait at least 10 seconds before conducting the next test.
If DTC P1320 is displayed with DTC P0335, P0340 or P1336, perform tro

Oct 22, 2012.
Go check this link for more information on P1320

Oct 22, 2012.
Possible causes
- Faulty power transistor unit built into ignition coil
- Ignition primary circuit is open or shorted (circuit to ignition coils)
- Ignition primary circuit poor electrical connection (circuit to ignition coils)
- Faulty ignition system condenser
- Crankshaft position sensor circuit

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Oct 22, 2012.