2001 Mitsubishi Mirage • 197,236 miles

I have replaced the headgasket on this Mitsubishi Mirage, I was told that it is a 1.8L However the timing resembles the 2.0L. The car will not start, I would like to make sure how I am timing it is correct. The camshaft is aligned to an arrow on the cylender head, and the crank is aligned to the mark at 12 o'clock position on the engine block. I also have no spark, Is there something that I could be missing that will cause a no spark issue. Thanks
August 28, 2011.

Did you get the crank poistion from a manual.
It is a general rule of thumbe to have the cam at TDC and the crabk at TDC.
The timing marks relate the spark fr a cylinder to that cylinders TDC. When you align the cam to the crank and mmakes things out of sync off far more than 12degrees TDC for the pllug to fire before TDC.
Did you hear any noises when you crnaked it over? Valve damage can occur when they hit the cam if not aligned right. The cam is probably starting to hit the exhaust lobe by the time the crank brings piston to TDC.
So, unless you have amanual that says to set it up that way, lign up crank to cam togeether at TDC.

Right now I know the crank is at TDC, what I need to know is where is the timing mark for the cam. The engine will rotate and I don't hear any additional noises. I know that there is no spark at this moment. I used the Autozone online repair information as well as googling for information. The problem I ran into is that the diagrams for the 1.8L aren't the same as the engine I am working on. What would be the correct location for the cam timing?

Aug 28, 2011.
Do you have the correct timing marks for a 2001 Mitsubishi Mirage ES 1.8L 4dr Sedan. This is the car information in accordance to vin. I am thinking I am off on the cam timming and I don't want to do any damage to the engine. Thanks

Aug 28, 2011.
Put number oone on TDC.
When appproacing TDC, the intake opens valve, closes, cylinser fire while shorter distance between lobes travels toward the exhaust valbe. The lobe opena gases go out and then valve shuts.
Tere is a longer distanve for the pisto travel while other cylibers fire' This is where the longer distance between lobes is not oening or ahutting valves.
I am sorry that is so wordy but if you can picture the process in your mind, it helps.

So, the is TDC when the shorter difference between lobes is helfwy or the center is ointing straight up. Note timing marks.
Turns xrank twice and double xhexk aligment.

Now put spark plug wire into numer 1 spot on dissributor capp. Point rotor at number 1 incqp qnd inatall.

I am working on a Mistubishi Mirage it has electronic ignition, no distributor. I understand the engine intake, compression, and exhauhst process. I have the crank on TDC and the cam is currently set where when engine is cranked intake valves will open. I am assuming that is where the cam needs to be set for correct timing. This is the diagram that I am going off of. If this is not the correct one, do you have the correct one? Thanks

Aug 29, 2011.
I found a walk through with good pics for a Trooper. It has the V6 and 4in it. so, make sure you reference right part.

I hope this information helps. Let me know how it goes.

Copy and paste URL;

I am not sure how the engine from the trooper will help as they are different engines. This is the car I am working on 2001 Mistubishi Mirage ES SOHC 1.8L. Engine type 4G93. I want to make sure that the timing marks I am using off of this diagram are the correct ones. The information you provided will not help for this car. Do you have the diagram for the car I have mentioned above. Please let me know if you do or if you don't. Thanks.

Aug 29, 2011.
I apologize. I got it stuck in my head.
The timing marks should be near the same place as the short blocks are the same and timing marks for cam should be in same place on head.

Were you able to find them?

I will look up Mirage stuff and post ASAP.

Okay this is walk through of 4 cylinder Mire, (2001).
It has great pictures and cam timing marks are easy to see.
I read through it and it is a good walk through. So, if you have time go throught the text instructions as well. It also goes through loosing up the belter and tensioner adjustment.

I hope this gets you through. Let me know how it goes as I have you on top of my posts to clear list.

I apologize for long it took to find them.
If you do find the instructions lacking of anything, please let me know as I want you to have all the help I can offer.
Wrenching on stuff can be tough until you get it running on your own.

Thanks and I hope all goes well.