2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse • 70,000 miles

Blue /black wire from PCM not suppling ground. For some thirty start /runs, 600miles, start up was rough, on warm up only, O2 rear sensor engine light code. Then rough even when start up warm, for five miles. Then made appointment with shop, ran perfect to shop, no roughness, 76°f. They replaced rear spark plugs, retorqued head, outter bolts loose, as always with aluminum engines, expansion co effient of aluminum verses steel head blots. Gaskets, reassembled, ran five minutes, then died fast. Everything works ok except ground return blue/black, between distributor and PCM. Had solenoid failure, poor connection inside relay box, so pushed resistor down metal slots, it works fine. Saw mechanic leave ignition on long time?Burned out 10 amp fuse on driver's dash. Box, ignition?He also connected the battery cables, after being disconnected from batery say twenty minutes prior. Removed and replaced white, long box, engine compartment driver's side? Note diagnostic computer would not connect while I stood by with my IPOD 4G phone ! So with that said I hope to give help to others and perhaps some help for this problem. Took car back from shop, paid for spark plug change, I am capable, built 2 cycle race engines as #1guy in LA mid 60s, 3horse per cubic inch, back then District 37 AMA!Humbled by oddities, Jeff
Jeff A.
October 30, 2012.

Honda uses aluminium head and block and they never have this problem. In fact after blowing head gaskets due to overheating, you usually would have problem loosening the head bolts. Mitsubishi uses 10 mm threads whereas Honda uses 12 or 14 mm threads so they can be torqued at a higher specs and don't have bolt self-loosening

Nov 3, 2012.