2001 Mercedes Benz Vito • 190,000 miles

I want to decoke the entire fuel(combustion) system by hiring an engine decarboniser unit. Engine takes quite a while to warm up and smokes on startup. It only seems to fire on 3 cylinders when cold as one of the glow plugs is faulty but it cannot be removed as it is threadlocked. She runs fine after a few minutes. Just think it would be good for performance, fuel efficiency and emissions to do this. I saw a kit (terraclean decarbonising machine). I just want to confirm, is it possible to run this on a CDI diesel engine? If so, whereabouts is the intake on the injector manifold to hook the system up? Also I will need to disable the fuel pump and block the fuel return line to do this?
November 30, 2012.

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