2001 Mazda Protege • 195,500 miles

Followup on Netural safety switch.
I have checked the battery, cables, and testing said the alternator was not fully charging the battery. After replacing the alternator and with a jump it still would not start. I have been either pushing the gear selector forward or moving it out of park and back. It also has been having hard shifting out of park. So, ios the netural safety switch adjustable? The pictures that I have seen of the part shows that it has slotted holes and this is making me wonder if it is an adjustable part or does the tab on the bottom a locating tab to lock it in place?

October 26, 2012.

If you are continuing with a previous post, you should be replying to it.

The PNP is adjustable. The bolt holes are slotted and loosening the bolts would allow you to turn the switch to adjust. However it must be noted that adjustment is minimal and after adjustment, ensure all lights indicates their position correctly when respective position is selected.

Hard time shifting out of park could be due to the shift interlock solesnoid or cable if it is tight. A bad cable can result in incorrect position indicator which requires some wiggling of the gear shift.

Did you try cranking the engine in N position?

Oct 26, 2012.
Ok, it would not let me create an account before. Yes, I have tried it in netural and it work there once or twice. So the original question was not fully addressed.
Is the neutral safety switch something that can be ajusted? ~ Answered ~ yes it is.
*** If so, which direction do I adjust it, clockwise (left) or counter clockwise (right)?**** When the gear selector is in park, which way. Also, if I have to replace it how is the best way to insure proper adjustment the first time? Does the tab on the bottom of the part play into this?

Oct 26, 2012.
You need to test which direction helps as it could be out of adjustment either way. Mark initiall position with liquid paper fluids or a suitable marker so that you know where you are if the initial adjustment fails.

The following is the proper way to be adjusting the switch.

1. Disconnect negative battery cable. Remove battery, air cleaner assembly and battery tray. Remove splash shield. Disconnect selector cable. Rotate manual shaft through all positions, returning 2 notches to set neutral position. Place manual shaft in "N". Disconnect transmission range switch connector. Loosen transmission range switch mounting bolts at transmission.

2. Connect ohmmeter between terminals "A" and "H". See Fig. 9. Adjust switch until continuity exists. Tighten transmission range switch mounting bolts. Verify transmission range switch and selector lever range position are aligned. Connect transmission range switch connector, and selector cable. Install splash shield. Install air cleaner assembly, battery tray, and battery. Connect negative battery cable.

Oct 26, 2012.