2001 Lincoln Continental • 115 miles

Today it is 18 degrees outside and the heater is not blowing any air ( the fan is silent). I've changed between various modes of operation (defrost, floor, etc.) And you can hear the vents moving correctly. Besides the blower motor deciding to die are there other possible scenarios which would cause no air blowing? Is there an easy way to pinpoint the blower motor as the culprit? I'm assuming that the same basic instructions are true for this vehicle in how to replace the blower motor? Thanks for any help when shared.
January 14, 2013.

First replace the blower motor resistor. Resistance changes with temperature.

Thanks for the info - will look into that scenario as well.

Jan 14, 2013.
Let me know what you find and we will go from there.

Unbelievable how things work out sometimes. I'm sitting in a parking lot facing the sun that is out while working on my smartphone. All of a sudden there is a loud crash/cracking noise like glass breaking and the fan kicks on. I can hear the ice inside it being thrown around and then eventually the ice is gone and the fan now works. All speeds and it is warm again inside so apparently that sleet storm we had the day before everything stopped working had managed to work down the inlet vents into the fan area and froze up the works.
Keeping my fingers crossed that everything works till spring since this week it is going to be 20/7 degrees on Monday.
Thanks for the help though Dr: -)

Jan 20, 2013.
Wow thats a freaky thing to happen. I can see it getting down into the fresh air box and freezing up the weep holes and the evaporator.
Glad it is working for now. Let mek now how it goes.

Dr. C