2001 Jeep TJ • 6 cylinder 4WD Automatic • 829 miles

My 01 lifted (5.5 inches)jeep sways back and forth, I changed the tie rods/drag link/center link, front track bar and the swy bar bushings, had it aligned 3 times and tires balanced - HELP me before I wreck. Thank you John
Lifted Jeep
March 28, 2011.

Positive offset rims? Deuce and a half axles? Drive really slow? Put 'im back down/ or closer to original specs. Unless this is gonna be a dedicated mud crawler not used on the highway. Good thing you did not go higher! What I'm trying to say is your rig was never intended to be lifted like that (even though it's done anyway) The Higher you go, the wider you need to be at the base, or maybe have your steering system Re-Engineered, seems that might really become costly (stuff I know you did not want to hear). There are other Totally Jeep Forums, on the net, that do share info as you requested. Imma CJ Guy Myself (loyal since 1981) At this site most info that passes thru, is usually to aiding someone with a OEM problem. Sorry I was not much help---THE MEDIC

Mar 28, 2011.