2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee • V8 4WD Automatic • 141,000 miles

Last night while I was driving home from work after a rainy night alsrm system went off while driving. I pulled over and turned off engine and restarted and went away. I then got home and parked car and wen I got off and locked doors alarm system went off and remote control wouldnt turn it off.I had to unplug car battery. This morning I pluged in battery and I drove to work without any incidents. Except wen I drove back home tonite the malfunction light came on in he car. Tonite I woke up to the sound of alarm going on and off in car. Remote control would not turn it off eventhough I bought new batteries this morning thinking that was the proble. What should I do? I'm afraid battery will dye from alarm going on and off
February 20, 2011.

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