2001 Hyundai Tiburon • 120,000 miles

Got fuel pump replaced then gas gauge didn't work right they send sending unit was bad so had that replaced and gas gauge still didn't work took it somewhere else and the said when the manpulaite it by hand it works fine but when they put gas in the tank it doesn't read correctly, they said that it could be a bad sending unit right out of the box but since they said that before that my original one had a hole in which is why it didn't work and they replaced with new one and it didn't change gauge one bit. So I'm wondering if when they did the fuel pump that they didn't reconnect that part correctly maybe wrong screw wrong setting idk what it looks like or how it was replaced but both places say that it works fine when they move it by hand so they don't feel that the gauge is bad I'm at a loss as I don't want to keep replacing the sending unit and it not fix the problem I'm really frustrated at this point
February 5, 2013.

There may be something in the tank not allowing the float to work correctly.