2001 Hyundai Sonata • 23,000 miles

How to remove the climate control panel on a 2001 hyundai sonata
November 20, 2012.

Automatic or manual control system?

Nov 21, 2012.
The circled part of the picture is the part that I need to get out. I know my car is an automatic GLS V6. Im NOT sure of thats what your asking but thats all I know.

Nov 21, 2012.
This ia a manual HVAC control system and the procedures are different from the auto HVAC which is rather simple.

Here are the procedures but regarding the part about steering wheel removal, try not to touch it if possible. The lower crash can be partially lowered to get at the screws holding the center console. Some procedures or part removal parts maybe omitted.

If you need to remove the steering wheel, after loosensing the bolt, do not take the wheel off. Remove the ignition key and turn the steering till it locks and cannot be moved. Note the position of the steering wheel before removal and reinstall accordingly.

Removal & Installation (Sonata)

1. Disconnect negative battery cable. Disable air bag system. Remove driver's air bag module. Remove steering wheel. Remove 3 screws at bottom of steering column shroud and remove both top and bottom shrouds. Remove 3 screws and remove left lower instrument panel cover. Disconnect data link connector and remove hood release handle. See Fig. 131-Fig. 133

2. Remove console switch mounting cover. Remove upper console cover (stick shift boot). Remove A/C-heater control panel, center facia panel and floor console. See Fig. 134-Fig. 135

Nov 22, 2012.